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Jehan and the TieCon Speaker’s interview series

Jehan goes on the road with her flip to capture the TieCon speakers before they put on their show in Karachi on 4th November. Jawwad Ahmed Farid talks about his Entrepreneurial experience from Jehan Ara on Vimeo.

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Reboot on ITLOW and CIO WebStudio

Jehan does a very flattering post (all of it is true) and a great interview on the CIO webstudio covering the book. More pictures of the book (for you Mohtashim) and moa.

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High hopes…

What do Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy, Ants (the movie), Sesame Street, Taha, Jehan and the rest of us ordinary mortals have in common? Next time your found, with your chin on the groundThere a lot to be learned, so look around Just what makes that little old antThink he’ll move that rubber tree plantAnyone […]

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