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Pakistan Risk Review, one year later…

In the beginning it was just risk. Two years ago when we first started working on the concept paper that later became Pakistan Risk Review, we felt that covering prices, volatilities and limits in secondary markets would be a full time job and would certainly be sufficient for a number of customers. After all what […]

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I have now been doing this “risk” business for more than a decade. Eleven years ago, right about this time, I was rudely introduced to my first risk application. Fresh from my actuarial exams, I was stumped on an interview question dealing with moments of a distribution. I have read the material, struggled with it, […]

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Good data, models, instincts and statistics.

Risk and transaction systems differ in many ways. But they both suffer from a common ailment – Good data and working models. On a risk platform the integrity of the data set is dependent on the underlying transaction platform and the quality of data feeds. Keeping the incoming stream of information clean and ensuring that […]

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Editors’ Note, Pakistan Risk Review

Emerging markets require special attention. Standard models don’t apply, conventional wisdom doesn’t work and traditional thinking can quickly land you in uncharted and troubled territory. Pakistan as an economy is not that different from other emerging markets.   Like others we have our own personal challenges and demons. However given our special needs and situation […]

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Pakistan Risk Review…

In one short month we have now sent two major publications out to the printer. The first (the Blue Screen of Death, retitled Reboot) was easy. I have been working on that book for about 8 years now, and two editions later rewriting a key chapter after close to a decade of heady involvement was […]

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Feedback is a gift…

Fair usage warning: This post may be classified as a marketing plug Michael Feiner retired as the Chief People Officer at Pepsi and before long ended up teaching a higher performance leadership course at Columbia. The course was based on a book that came out a few years later as Feiner points. Mike started the […]

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