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Startup Trek: Pitching lessons

If possible always have multiple sales pitches for a meeting. A pitch could be for a product, a service, a referral or even information about the industry that isn’t widely available. For the US trip it was Alchemy Risk Manager, Outsourced research, two investment banking deal and selling Pakistan as an investment destination (product ideas […]

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Ken Morse is in town

Ken Morse was in town the last two nights on his signature whirlwind trip to Karachi. Luckily enough we were able to catch up with him at the Pre-BAP dinner at Farrokh Captain’s home and then again yesterday at the MIT CEF Innovation Confernece. During his Keynote at the conference Ken reinforced the points he […]

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The Presentation cheat sheet – two – impact

Ultimately audiences and judges will vote for you if you Connect with them emotionally Answer all their questions – spoken and otherwise Save and respect their time and intelligence by only making credible claims Backstopping and supporting your claims by solid believable evidence The first presentation on my slideshare deck is about the SMB Fatimah […]

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The Presentation cheat sheet – one

Pitching Perfect

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