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Travel Advisory: Why Emirates will rule the travel world?

Sometimes you have to travel by other airlines to realize that despite all the complaints we share about Emirates, the Dubai based airline, is still one unbeatable show in the air.

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On Shaikh Zayed Road

Three days in a row I have made the trek from Dubai to Abu Dhabi with Nasr. On the last two trips we hooked up the laptop to the Etisalat EVDO USB device to see how internet connectivity works on the highway. I was very pleased with my ability to turn the 90 minute ride […]

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On the road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai

I spent the last two days on the road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Nasr closed a training engagement with a forward looking bank in Abu Dhabi and off we went to teach a treasury team. For an outsider, Abu Dhabi is a lovely city with tremendous potential. During our last two trips we had […]

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Travel log

Travel long enough and you will someday hit an incredibly lucky day or an incredibly interesting one. And every now and then you will get one that is a bit of both. So yesterday’s trip to Dubai started off interestingly enough! I reached the airport late and while I was fretting if Emirates would let […]

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