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Steve Jobs in Karachi or why I feel old or welcome to the future

Yesterday for the first time in many years I actually felt old and irrelevant. As part of the pre-PASHA Award event we took a sneak peak at the 10 odd companies that were competing at the PASHA TECH CRUNCH GONG show on 14th October. Two of participants were very good. The first pitched their idea […]

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Yusuf Jan goes and breaks out a song…

Yusuf Jan took out two weeks out of his busy expat schedule in Karachi to trounce the geeks can’t sing and produce jack myth. His Green and white song is slowly climbing the viewing numbers on Youtube and was played on a number of FM stations today in Karachi. Yusuf is conspiring with fellow PASHA […]

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An abridged history of the technology industry in Pakistan, three

When the time came for us to graduate things had started to get exciting. GUI tools were getting more impressive. Borland was getting the whacking of a life time at the hands of Microsoft in everything other than development environments and was returning the favor in IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments). The era of Word Star […]

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If I could give away the Nobel prize, or Taliban bogey II

When it comes to combining objective writing with scathing sarcasm no one comes close to my honorary friend, Sepoy, at Chapati Mystery (actually we have never met and have exchanged all of two emails over the last 24 months). But the gent in questions writes such lovely prose and says exactly the things that I […]

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An abridged history of technology industry in Pakistan – one

Every now and then someone comes along and questions how far we have come as an industry or what have we achieved as a group over the last two decades. I have been thinking about doing this post for a while but a recent exchange on CIO Pakistan reinforced the urge. Here goes. Early impressions, […]

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You were saying, a rejoinder four…

Look here and here. There is more behind the G-20 and Nato protests than these selective images show case. The violence is hard to ignore but it overshadows the cause, the concept, the organization or the impact. So if I was the only source of information you had, my commentary the basis of your opinion, […]

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Myths about Pakistan or an infrastructure rejoinder, three

Jehan did a post on This too is Pakistan, in October 2008. At the peak of distrust, despair and negativity coming out by the buckets in that month, she went out to highlight some of the many things that are right with this country. I didn’t get round to doing a follow up but Post […]

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How to feel like Larry Ellison in Karachi at 8 am on a Sunday morning.

Lush green lawns, three F-104 star fighters, numerous Migs, F-86 Sabers and, F-6 sprinkled across an old converted run way that now serves as ample space for a hyper active kid to run around and find himself. Powerful GE, Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royce engines, friendly gardeners and museum keepers who recognize our family […]


Stepping out of your comfort zone…

2003 was a good year in many ways. On 1st of January we came back home after 4 moves in 4 years, one addition to our family and pitstops in London, New York, Southern California, Tokyo and Northern Virginia. 2003. 10 months later we were a team of 4 people, significantly cash flow positive, still […]

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