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Learning Corporate Finance or memory lane meets online education meets content…

It was instruction at a level that I had never been exposed to. I had come across some truly great teachers in my prior life but this whole relationship driven, hands on learning approach was the new new thing. The professor was not a professor, the course was not a course. It felt like being […]

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Talent ,Technology, Management

Ages ago for an upcoming PASHA career expo I did a piece on hiring. A few months earlier I had done a presentation on knowledge workers at Zayed University Campus in Abu Dhabi. Today at the Nutshell forum I used ideas from both pieces to do a different take on talent management within the technology […]

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Teaching the dreamer course again

In Dubai, teaching the entrepreneurship course from today till the end of the month. More later

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“Let’s just say I dare to dream bigger dreams”, said a spunky student when the rest of the class was done with introducing themselves. Quite a few sunsets and students later, the dreamer called again. This time he wanted to be a sponge and observe in first person the special sauce that made a technology […]

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The road not taken

Beware of the Ides of December. 10 years ago, this month, packed up and got ready to move to New York. 9 years ago, the same month, received my first six figure offer and said no. The next time the month came along, I found myself in Tokyo, pitching to the third largest bank on […]

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Stepping out of your comfort zone…

2003 was a good year in many ways. On 1st of January we came back home after 4 moves in 4 years, one addition to our family and pitstops in London, New York, Southern California, Tokyo and Northern Virginia. 2003. 10 months later we were a team of 4 people, significantly cash flow positive, still […]

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It begins with hope. Hope that you will be able to do what you want to do the way you want to do it. And in doing so change your little part of the world. Maybe make your point, take your stand and survive. On a good day possibly even make money. Where there is […]

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