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PASHA Tech Crunch Gong Award 2009

And the winner is

MindStorm Studios and Cricket Revolution did a clean sweep today at the PASHA ICT Awards. In addition to picking up the winner slot for the digital media category they also sweeped the PASHA Tech Crunch Gong Award for a 1,000 US$. Mindstorm/Babar combo was deadly enough for Chairman PASHA to give up his welcome address […]

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Steve Jobs in Karachi or why I feel old or welcome to the future

Yesterday for the first time in many years I actually felt old and irrelevant. As part of the pre-PASHA Award event we took a sneak peak at the 10 odd companies that were competing at the PASHA TECH CRUNCH GONG show on 14th October. Two of participants were very good. The first pitched their idea […]

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Springfield/Vimble/Umair Khan Jadoon

How to break into social media when you are underpaid, under appreciated over worked blogger. The return of Lassi as a key presentation theme

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Pakistan Maps

NED student, puts CDGK information on Google Maps. Pilot launched with Gulshan Iqbal Town dataset.

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Mamoo in Pakistan

A project of the team behind Aimed at expat Pakistani’s but now also serving local customers with local needs. Getting your own birth certificate from Lahore when you are sitting in London. No images but still a great pitch by Mehdi. Technology, Trust, Alliances and Branding.

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SMS for the enterprise. Starts off well but then gets into a technical pitch. Prop Hardware that allows messages to go out at a rate of 5000 messages per minute. Focus on SME sector and branded communications for groups and subgroups.

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Gangwars, Geniteam

Impressive numbers but just went off track. Great product and idea but the pitch could have been better.

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Readers Club Karachi

Online library service with home delivery in Karachi. Promoting the culture of reading, Netflix for books. Two kids with operations and logistics management background optimizing library sciences for a Not-For-Profit business in Karachi.

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Cricket Revolution – Mindstorm studio – Babar Ahmed

The most talked about and anticipated release from a desi gaming company. High end gaming company in Pakistan with a motion capture studio. Short Pitch Delivery, Gorgeous video and screen shots. Impressive Impact. WOW Deal on with the one of the largest online distribution channel on the planet. Retail distribution deal with a traditional distributor […]

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Next inline is, presented by Samir Feroze. The Google maps, Facebook, best lassi date in Karachi Company. The best lassi in town and Samir journey to find it. University based community seeding. Great slides with visual impact.          

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